Nov 19, 2011

Tokyo Room Finder Short Essay Contest

Tokyo Room Finder will start a new project from August 19th, 2011. We welcome your participation in this new project, please check the following article and join us!

Tokyo Room Finder Short Essay Contest
- Write your personal experience in Japan, win two tickets to Tokyo Disney Resort. -

ABOUT Tokyo Room Finder Short Essay Contest
Tokyo Room Finder Short Essay Contest (T-SEC) is an online project to gather heart-warming experiences following the earthquakes in Japan. We strongly believe that sharing those experiences will give people hope and revitalize Japan. After the huge catastrophe that hit Japan last March, we have heard depressing news about the earthquake destruction and tsunami in Tohoku and a great number of foreign people left Japan. However, it is also true that a significant number of heart-warming stories posted on twitter brought strength and encouragement to people. We welcome your short written experience following the earthquakes in Japan. In gratitude for your participation in this project, T-SEC, we will give a prize to the three most-read writers!
Contents of T-SEC

Short essay contest: English written short essay regarding your personal experience following the earthquakes. For more detail, please refer to the following application process STEP-2.
Who can join?: Anyone can join!
Prize: Tokyo Disney Resort tickets for the three winners (the winners will get 2 tickets each)
Prize selection: Submitted essays will be posted on our blog for about 1month. Anyone can VOTE for the online essays by pressing the TWEET button (Twitter) or by pressing the LIKE button (Facebook) through our blog. Those three essays that get the largest number of VOTES will get the prize.
Application process: Please refer to the following.
HOW TO JOIN? - Application process -
STEP-0. Read this instruction carefully.
STEP-1. Register via online registration form
First of all, to join T-SEC, register via online registration form. Registration and all the application process do not charge any fee to participant; free to join! We recommend you to register much earlier than the deadlines because we will give further information after you register.
STEP-2. Write your personal experience.
We welcome heart-warming experiences following the earthquakes in Japan. You may want to write about when the earthquakes hit, when you went to Tohoku for volunteer, when you raise fund for support, what you have seen in the TV,,, ,etc and any experience will be okay. You can attach photos with your writing.

Theme: Your personal experience following the earthquakes in Japan
Language: ENGLISH
Length of essay: at least A4 one page of text (font 12 point) with title.
Additional: You can include photos. In such case, please submit essay and photos separately. In addition, in the text, please specify where to insert the photos.
For more details, we will notice to each participant after the registration is done. Online Registration form
STEP-3. Send your writing/essay before the deadlines.
The final deadline is November 13th (Sun), 2011. Please make sure that you send your essay by those deadlines. We will notice you how to submit essays via e-mail, so firstly please make registration! Online Registration form
STEP-4. Check your essay on our blog and vote for it!
Later than November 13th, your written essay will be posted on Tokyo Room Finder’s blog. Then, for a month, it will be appeared on the blog as a blog article. Here the contest starts! The top 3 article that get most votes will be prized. For voting, we count how many times the TWEET button (Twitter) and LIKE button (Facebook) are pressed and also we check the number of page traffic. If you submit essays, you are free to ask your friend to vote (“tweet” or “like”) for your essay! The period to vote will be closed by mid December.
STEP-5. Prized articles will get tickets to Tokyo Disney Resort. It will be announced in our blog and the prize will be sent to winners on mid to end of December 2011.

Policies and Disclaimers: Tokyo Room Finder is a web service that provides property information and this blog is run by Tokyo Room Finder’s staffs to provide useful information for foreigners, who are interested in Japan, living in Japan and planning to visit Japan. Tokyo Room Finder Short Essay Contest (T-SEC) is in line with the basic policy of Tokyo Room Finder’s blog. Therefore, please understand that not all the submitted essays will be posted on the blog. Essays, which are according to the objective and theme of T-SEC and are appropriate to publish on the blog, will be posted on the blog. Tokyo Room Finder and Axispoint Co., Ltd. are not responsible for the contents of any articles, essays and photos submitted by participants of T-SEC. By submitting essays to T-SEC, participants agree that the submitted essays will be part of Tokyo Room Finder's blog contents. In addition, essays will be regarded as one of the blog articles, which will be shown in Tokyo Room Finder's blog, after the contest period ends.

We are looking forward to your participation in Tokyo Room Finder Short Essay Contest! If you have any question regarding the contest, please don't hesitate to ask via inquiry form. Inquiry form

Tokyo Room Finder Blog & Event Team

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